What is Plutus Financial Solutions?

What We Do.

We carefully and meticulously analyze your credit report.  We come up with an action plan for you to obtain better credit. We challenge negative items on your credit report for accuracy and verifiability.  Remember everything on your credit report should be 100% accurate and 100% verifiable.

How We Do It.

Not all credit Repair companies are created equal.  Just like some doctors are better than others, or some lawyers are better skilled than others, the same can be said of credit repair companies.  Our credit repair process is very extensive which typically gives us better results than our competitors.  We dispute with the original creditors as well as the credit bureaus.

Who We Are.

We are real people – just like you!  We just happen to have a passion for helping others.  We have extensive knowledge in the field of credit and we use our knowledge to help people fight the bureaucracy of the big bad credit bureaus!

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Here’s Why You Need Plutus Financial Solutions.


Better Price.

It’s hard to shop for credit repair because it is sometimes hard to determine exactly what services the credit repair company will provide for you and even harder to predict how successful they will be. At Plutus Financial Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a very extensive credit repair (read better results) at an affordable price.

Better Service.

A lot of companies say they have excellent service, until you try to speak to them on the phone. Come try us and see why our customers rave about our customer service. We will guide you through the credit repair process every step of the way.


We will be here for years and years to come. While a lot of credit repair companies don’t stay around for long, we have been here for years and we are not going anywhere! You too will want to refer your family and friends once you experience our service!


“When I first contacted Plutus Financial Solutions my credit score was in the low 500’s and full of charge-offs and collections, I was sure no one could help me. After only 90 days my collections and charge-offs were not only removed from the credit bureaus they were also removed from the creditors themselves and my score is up to 805. The level of customer service is unmatched, their prices seemed a little high at first but when I started seeing my negatives actually gone on my monthly updates I am convinced you get what you pay for. Plutus Financial Solutions definitely produces results. I recommend them to all my friends and family. “
- Mikol - Credit Repair Client Edison, NJ
“When I began working with Plutus Financial Solutions I had a 0 credit score, then a month and a half later my score jumped up to 792, the following month a judgement began reporting to my credit report which brought my credit score down to 680. The team at Plutus immediately took action, by the next reporting cycle the judgement was gone and my score went back up to 792. The entire staff over there are so helpful, they take the time to educate you while you are going through the process. They helped me obtain over $50,000 in unsecured credit cards in less than 90 days with their Funding Program, I highly recommend these guys to everyone I know. They really changed my life for the better. “
- Edward - Credit Repair / Funding Client NY, NY